What is a BoloNoodle?

The BoloNoodle is a hybrid cross between a registered Bolognese and a registered Toy Poodle. 


As far as we can determine, we were the second to offer the rare Bolognese here in the USA.  To learn more about the Bolognese, click here.  Because the Bolognese is rare, it comes with a higher price than many are willing to pay for a pet.  In trying to create a unique niche for our enterprise, we came up with the BoloNoodle (the poor man's Bolognese).  We were the first to offer this hybrid to the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), so we were afforded the opportunity to name the new cross breed.  Our family came up with three different names and BoloNoodle won the vote.

The Bolognese is an intelligent toy breed as is the Poodle.  Both are non-shed and hypo-allergenic.  The BoloNoodle has the best characteristics of both breeds.  They are in the 6-12 lb range, depending on the parents, and come in all colors, but are primarily white or cream.  The Bolognese is an all white breed, so any color found in the BoloNoodle will have been inherited from the Poodle parent.  Our dogs have produced, white, cream, white with cream, black; black and white; brown and white; black and tan; black and silver, and a rare brindle color, and we anticipate more colors.  A BoloNoodle produced by Jarbeth's Kennel will come with ACHC registration papers and a pedigree.

From what we have learned, they have been crossing the Bolognese with the Toy Poodle in Europe for centuries, but have never named the hybrid.  This hybrid is recognized as a great family pet in Europe and we are proud to offer you the opportunity to own one as well. 


Puppy Pix

These puppies have long been sold, they are used here to show possible colors.



Pix of YOUR BoloNoodles


Cat proof (photo above)

Hi Bethany
It's been a bit so I thought I would send you some photos of Farfalle.  He is such a sweetie and the center of my world.  Everyone that meets him falls in love.  I've taken him to the office a few times and they are always asking when I'm bringing him back!  He is so smart.  He can obey the sit, stay, lay down, wait commands.  At puppy class he walks the obstacles like nothing and loves everyone.  I'm telling everyone to go to your website and see all the wonderful other puppies you have.  When is your next litter due (just asking).  Hope all is well with you.  We are enjoying this early summer weather.


Remember we said that if you go boating,

they will want to go boating?  Need proof?

Here she is on land with her mommy and daddy...

We got our BoloNoodle about a year ago, and she is doing so well!  We just love her to death!  Everyone that meets her loves her too, in fact 2 of my friends have gotten Noodles from you after meeting our little Maddie!  Tammy B. and my friend Lexa's mom, Irene got her one as a gift - they both love their Noodles too!  Maddie is by far my little best friend, and she is so smart!  Brandon and I moved out to Washington state after we graduated, and Maddie has acclimated quite nicely.  She loves the dog parks and dog beaches here.  We would really love to get a second Noodle, because we know they come from such a great place and we know they are such great pets!  Brandon and I saw Diva and Mandy on your website and are thinking that a darker one would be lovely!  She does very well on her own, but It would be great for Maddie to have a companion dog as well as to grow our family.  You've always been the go-to person for knowledge on this breed, and I know whatever questions have come up, you've always given me the best advice and straight forward answers.  Thank you so much for your time, I look forward to talking with you!

Sincerely, Elise H. & Maddie


Adult size above

Same dog clipped down below...

You decide which look you like.


(First photo above) Emily and Chris are over the moon happy to have Leonardo.  Thank you so much!!  The surprise went well.  We stopped to eat at subway just outside the airport before landing and told them we were picking up two little passengers on our way home.  Emily was so excited I think she would have hopped and squealed to the airport if we let her!!  Leo of course figured out real fast that Emily is the one who will SPOIL him.

Thanks again, Tina G.



A reference letter a BoloNoodle customer of ours sent to her friend:

Dear Keri,

Please forward info below to Maria A., Kristin & Barry and share the info with your friends.  Bethany, the breeder of our Bolognese Poodle "BoloNoodle" in Missouri, is a mother of 9 adopted children.  I have been extremely happy with her personal touch, professionalism and service.  She has a 60 acre farm with many different animals so the pups I purchased are extremely socialized, sleeps through vacuum noise, no fear of my 55 lb. schnauzer, my 70 lb. labradoodle and 5 very loud and "loving" children ages 3-13 yrs.

I bought 3 BoloNoodles.  The 2 in the pictures (below) are ours, "Genevive" & "Madeline" and the 3rd one will fly in tomorrow to be donated as a live auction item this Friday for a charity event fund raiser.**  According to my vet, Dr. Clark, the 2 pups have such a great mellow disposition and the fact that they are part poodle, makes them healthier as whatever defects may exist in a particular breed, for some reason, does not come through the hybrid.  Bethany is the original and as far as we know the only "BoloNoodle"  hybrid breeder in the U.S. with the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and their kennel is AKC approved.

[** Note from Jarbeth's Kennel--We have had a couple of animal activists crawl down our throats for "donating" a puppy for this auction.  For the record, there are dog auctions (as well as horse, cattle, goat, and small animal auctions) being held somewhere around the nation nearly every day.  Auctions are not inhumane, they offer a legal way for an animal to be transferred from one owner to another.  Also for the record, this puppy was not donated to a "dog" auction.  This puppy was purchased by our customer who then in turn donated it for a black tie Christian school fund raiser and it sold well.  The funds raised for this event were used for teacher enrichment/education, scholarships for families who may be in financial need especially with the current economy, and school equipment ie: computer, science needs that would not be possible without the additional funds as hospitals and private schools really depend on additional funds raised or donated.  And, best of all, the puppy went to a loving home.  If you are an animal activist, please do not burden us with the "facts" as you see them, as you have no knowledge of the events. 

Here are the facts regarding this particular puppy straight from the donor:  "Her owners take her every where they go including the school their two children attend.  The owners are a lovely couple from Scottsdale who certainly could purchase their pups from anywhere but specifically wanted to do so from a charity auction.  The mom is a stay at home mom and spends so much time with the pup not only at home but in public and in her children's schools.  That pup sees her two sisters who I have and all three are growing up beautifully 'together'.  I just saw the pup yesterday and she was driving away in a brand new Mercedes Benz with her very proud mom." 

Does this sound inhumane?  For those innocent to the animal activists and their activity, please click on the "What is a Puppy Mill" link on the front page and read the next to last paragraph, or click here.  Sorry for this interruption, now back to our reference letter...]

The attached are pictures of our 2  "BoloNoodles" which are very rare in the U.S.  In the pictures the pups are anywhere from 9-11 weeks old.  They are hypo-allergenic, non-shedding, and do not have a "doggy" odor since they do not have an undercoat.  They are also great with children and other animals, very observant and intelligent.  I personally wash them in my sink with baby shampoo once a week to keep their coat clean & fluffy (I am a clean freak, yet they are still alive).  They are very good watch dogs, not "yappy" in any way which is extremely surprising for small dogs.

Bolognese (5-9 lbs) have been around since the 13th century and were given to royalty and nobility.  They are the serious, even tempered and quiet cousins of a Bichon Frise (the Bolognese can talk/listen to politics).  The BoloNoodle will grow between 6-12 lbs. depending on parents.  The prices is also unbeatable $xxx a pup, plus $xxx flight.  Thank goodness they can not be found in pet stores yet where they will cost 3-4 times more and may be defective.
Bethany just informed me that a BoloNoodle litter was just born and will be ready to come home for the holidays (they don't last long, so if interested, she takes deposits.  She also has other breeds ie:
Bolognese,  Toy Poodle.  Her website is www.Bolo-Noodle.com or contact Bethany @ jarbeth@yahoo.com 

Thank you,

Dr. George and Angelique Gellert angeliquegellert@gmail.com

PS--I think the Miller's charge too little for the very rare hybrid "Bolonoodle" and recommended that they increase the price, if not now, then maybe when the economy is better especially since they are basically the only one in the market who is a reputable cross breeder of the Bolo-Noodle.  The Bolognese would really sell just because of their rarity not to mention all their wonderful personal traits. 

Here are some photos of the Gellert family with their two Bolo-Noodles.


More notes from our customers...

Hi Bethany .... This is a recent photo of our bolonoodle Rocco (listed as Norm, born June 22, 2010).
He is still a cuddle bug and remains the hit of doggy daycare (he is the dog who greets new dogs and gets them acquainted with the place).
My daughters adore him and he is such a wonderful member of our family.
Our friends who have adopted pups from you because of Rocco all report their dogs are just as great additions to their families. 

And I understand my friend Leslie W. is on your waiting list for a puppy from your new litters.
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with your puppies!  They grow up to be fabulous dogs!

Bonnie W.


Bethany, We picked up our new puppy today and took him to our vet.  They were very impressed with him, and we all just love him. 

The vet was also impressed with your tip about the baby food, they said most breeders don't think about that. 

Thank you so much for all of your help.  Feel free to use us as a reference if you'd like, we couldn't be happier with our decision to buy from you.