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Here is a collage of a few of our customers with their Bolo-Noodles...
What is a BoloNoodle?

History:  This is a cross breed between a registered Bolognese and registered Toy Poodle.  From what we have learned, Europeans have been crossing the Bolognese with the Toy Poodle since about the 14th century, but no one ever named the hybrid combination.  It was simply referred to as the poor man's Bolognese.  This hybrid was recognized as a great family pet in Europe and Jarbeth's Kennel is proud to offer you this opportunity to own one as well.  This cross-breed has been around in the USA since about 2005.  We know.  We established and named this cross breed and applied for recognition with the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).  To our knowledge, Bolo-Noodles are offered exclusively at Jarbeth's Kennel.  We were certainly the first.


Description:  Unrecognized (by AKC) Toy Breed.  Non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, no doggie odor.  Can be any color,  but are primarily white or cream.  The Bolognese is an all white breed, so any color found in the BoloNoodle will have been inherited from the Poodle parent.  Our dogs have produced, white, cream, cream and white; black, black and white, black and tan, black and silver; black-brown and white; blue and white, brown and white; and occasionally a brindle color.  All of the colors except true black, fade at the dog matures.  For example, a brown dog will turn cream, a dog that looks black at birth may fade to silver or blue because it was not a true black, and a cream and white dog may be all white as an adult.  To see examples, click here.  The BoloNoodle may have the single layer, straighter Bolognese coat or the thicker, double coat of the Poodle.  Nearly all BoloNoodles are built like the Bolognese, sturdy, square built, well muscled and athletic, seeming only to adopt the Poodle colors.  The Bolognese is by far the dominate breed.  


Temperament:  Both the Bolognese and Poodle have wonderful temperaments.  The BoloNoodle has the best characteristics of both breeds.  Both are highly intelligent and loyal.  Very versatile as a great family dog or companion dog for a single individual.  The go-everywhere, do anything dog.  Click here for an extended explanation.  All of our customers love their Bolo-Noodles.


Size:  6-15 lbs. depending upon the parents.  Height is up to 12 inches at the shoulder.


Size             1 2 3 4        (small to LARGE)

Feeding       1 2 3 4        (little to LOTS)

Coat care    1 2 3 4        (low to HIGH maintenance)

Exercise      1 2 3 4        (little to MUCH required)


In the early 2000's, I (Bethany) was approached by a couple in Chicago about purchasing a black Bolognese.  I said the Bolognese only comes it white.  They insisted that they had seen a black Bolognese while traveling in Europe on their honeymoon, that it was a cross with a Toy Poodle and called the poor man's Bolognese.  So I did some research and learned that what they had seen was true.  And this was exactly what I had been looking for.  I had been looking for a unique niche for our enterprise and we came up with the BoloNoodle.  Jarbeth's Kennel was the first to offer this unique hybrid to the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), so we were afforded the opportunity to name the new hybrid cross.  A BoloNoodle produced by Jarbeth's Kennel will come with ACHC registration papers, proving that these puppies are from registered, full-blooded breeding stock.


Puppy Pix

These BoloNoodle puppies are not available for purchase, these photos are being used here to show possible color combinations.