All three of our original breeding stock were imported from Hungary.  Hubi, our male, absolutely adored Bethany and would follow her around as if he were on a string.  Abalone (Bonita on her registration papers) and Opal (BolDog) were very good, productive mothers, protective of their pups as well as being devoted to Bethany.  We could not have asked for a better introduction to this fantastic breed.
Photos at various ages of Bolognese produced by Jarbeth's Kennel.
Here are 2 litters of newborn Bolognese puppies.  Champagne markings (the creamy gold color) is not a fault.  The puppy that is nearly all champagne, indicated by the arrow to the left, actually faded to white.  Champagne markings/spots can be anywhere and generally fade to white.  Most commonly the champagne markings appear on the ears where it usually remains a light cream color as an adult.
This litter is 2 weeks old.  Their eyes open at 10-14 days of age.
These two Bolognese puppies are about 4 weeks of age.
Here is an example of what Bolognese puppies look like at about 6 weeks of age.
This Bolognese puppy is 9 weeks of age, and ready to ship...
Here are two examples of an adult Bolognese in full coat. 
Bolognese have hair not fur.  It gets to about 3.5 inches and stops, but this length can vary from dog to dog.  When left in full coat, your Bolognese will require combing 4 times a week to keep the mats out of their hair.
To give you an idea of the size of an adult Bolognese...
This is our grandson, Levi, when he was four years old holding his Bolognese Lolly.

At 6 lbs., Lolly is on the smaller end of the 6-12 lb standard for the breed.
This Bolognese litter is a week old.
This is the appearance of a 12 week old Bolognese...
Jarbeth's Hubi McQueen
Jarbeth's Pickles Hubi
Here are a few of our customers with their Bolognese...
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We've had as few as one and as many as TEN Bolognese in a single litter. The average is about 4-6 puppies per litter.
...very rare.  This breed is brand new to the USA.  There is only a handful of reputable breeders in the USA. 

History: Toy Group.  Developed in southern, Italy, most likely Bologna.  Such a breed has been recorded since the 11th and 12th centuries and was popular during the Renaissance, often being given as gifts among nobility and royalty.  Thought to be descended from the Bichon.


Description:  Small, happy, intelligent, comical and curuious.  Sturdy, square built, well muscled and athletic.  A non-shedding, hypoallergenic breed with no doggie odor.  Suitable for hot climates as the long flocked white hair has no under coat, which covers the entire head and body without curl but the Bolognese can get sunburnt so care is required.  Also needs winter protection.  Hair grows 3-4 inches and stops.  Hair will not kink or curl unless you clip them down.  Once clipped you will have to continue this practice as the hair is never the same afterward, changing the texture.  Black nose, eye rims, lips and eyes.  They have dark splotches on their skin (which you may only notice when they are wet), but their hair color is white without markings other than champagne color on the ears and occasionally on the back.


Temperament:  This breed is highly intelligent and completely devoted to their masters, but reserved in temperament.  The Bolognese make an excellent companion dog.  Has a pleasing disposition and also make wonderful playmates for children.  The most important thing for the Bolognese is that it gets to spend time with its people, doing whatever they do.  Click here for and extended explanation.  Also, the Bolognese is sometimes smarter than their masters, quite capable of manipulating people and circumstances to get its own way--but then, that's what dogs do best!  So if you find yourself catering to your Bolognese rather than the other way around, guess what...?  Heavy handed correction will ruin the spirit of this marvelous dog.  Gentle, verbal correction and praise will earn the respect of the Bolognese. 

Size:  Height is 10-12 inches at the shoulder and weighs roughly from 6-14 lbs.


Size             1 2 3 4        (small to LARGE)

Feeding       1 2 3 4        (little to LOTS)

Coat care    1 2 3 4        (low to HIGH maintenance)

Exercise      1 2 3 4       (little to MUCH required)


Breed Fact: Blondus (1388-1463) wrote this of the Bolognese: "Queens gave them small portions of their own food in golden vases."


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The Bolognese is...