Oster Animal Care Canine Nail Clipper
This is a guillotine style clipper that will CUT your small to medium size dog's nails more efficiently than a scissor style nail clipper with much less hand fatigue.  If you do not know how short to cut your dog's nails, ask Bethany, your groomer or vet before you attempt this as there is an artery that will bleed profusely if you cut the nail too short.  Once you know where to clip your dog's nails, this is a very fast and easy task.  If your dog gets lots of outside activity, you may only rarely have to clip his/her nails as running around outside wears the nails down naturally.  These too are available at PetsMart and PetCo, but if yo cannot find them locally, you can purchase them at Amazon.com at this link.

Oster Animal Care Grooming Comb

This is the style we recommend for your pet.

It has rotating teeth which greatly help in detangling hair.  This style of pet comb can be purchased at PetsMart, PetCo, I've even found it at WalMart.  Depends on the store management what products they carry. If you strike out finding this comb locally, you can order one from from Amazon at this link.

Products Recommended
by Jarbeth's Kennel

Royal Canin Dog Food

The only full line of breed and size specific dog food on the market.  The quality of food is based in part on the quality and origin of the ingredients that it contains.  As part of their commitment to consistent quality, ROYAL CANIN manufacturing plants are ISO 9001:2000 certified.  This official recognition represents a comprehensive series of quality management standards recognized worldwide.  [What this means in laymen's terms is that the Royal Canin plant is USDA inspected as a food grade processing plant.  Most other dog food manufacturers are not USDA inspected.]  Your adult dog will not gain weight on this brand.  If you live a sedentary lifestyle, so will your dog.  If you are not sure if you are sedentary, look in the mirror.  If you need exercise, so will your dog.  Please consider this when choosing a dog food brand. 

Royal Canin is available at most PetsMart and PetCo stores.

There is a door in the front and on the side.  The side door is not necessary, but is convenient.  Single door models are available.  There is a tray in the bottom and the crate is collapsible to take up less space for storage or transport.  Some crates come with a divider.  Use the divider or put a box in the crate when the puppy is smaller to take of some of the space.  The idea is to not give them enough room to go potty in their living area.  As they get larger, put in a smaller box or move the divider giving them a little more room.  Once they are full grown, you can take the box/divider out.  Several sizes are available. The one shown above is 24 inches deep, 18 inches wide, 21 inches tall, this is the size for the small breed puppies we offer.  If you prefer, the 30 x 19 x 21 is also fine for the small breeds we offer. 

The 42 x 28 x 31 or larger is the size for the large breeds we ocassionally offer. 

Different manufacturers offer slightly different size combinations, for instance, a 24 x 18 x 19 will work fine in place of the 24 x 18 x 21.  We recommend MidWest dog crates either for single or double door.  MidWest crates are sold at several stores and websites, including Cabela's, PetSmart, PetCo, Amazon, and others but they can also be purchased directly from MidWest at this link.  Wire crates can also be found at WalMart.  They are made of a smaller, lighter guage wire so are lighter which may come in handy if you intend to move the crate from room to room.

There are various sizes available, so when purchasing on-line, please make sure you click on the style (single door or double door) AND the size you want.  The dividers are sometimes sold seperately, if you want one, make sure it comes with the cage or you buy it separately. 

Looking for a crate/cage/kennel?

This is the type/style we recommend:

NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement

Instead of a snack, your dog will LOVE NuVet Labs product, (especially if you choose a lesser quality food than Royal Canin).  We recommend that you supplement your dog's diet with NuVet Plus Canine Food Supplement.  It is formulated with a wholesome blend of ingredients designed to support and promote good health.  Its unique formula provides essential key vitamins, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidents and minerals in a flavorful powdered form (recommended for breeds expected to be 8 lbs or less) or tablet form (recommended for breeds that will be 8 lbs or greater) that helps your dog look and feel their best.  One quarter tablet should be given to your puppy once a day until your puppy is 5 lbs, increasing to a half tablet when your dog weighs 10 lbs.  The powdered form comes with a scoop.  If the puppy will remain less than 8 lbs, less than the recommended dose on thecanister will be sufficient.  For the money, we recommend the powder.  Your pet will come with a free sample.  Please note that our contract/guarantee requires that the pet owner to give this product to their puppy for the first year.

To order, call NuVet Labs at 1-800-474-7044.  Order code 52700.  www.nuvet.com 

SPA Lavish Shampoo and Conditioner
You pamper yourself, now you can pamper your pet.  If you enjoy the luxuries of a day spa, your pet will love the skin treatments of the "SPA Lavish Your Pet" collection.  This elegant collection is formulated with the finest botanical plant and flower extracts.  If you run out of your shampoo, feel free to use SPA Lavish on your own hair.  It is a quality product that is good enough for human use!  This product can be found at PetCo as well as ordered from many internet sites.  Just type Spa Lavish in your search engine.

Fresh: Vanilla, Cucumber and White Tea (teal color)

Renew: Coconut, Ginger and White Plum (peach color)

Comfort: Lavender, Oatmeal and Kiwi (green color, not pictured above)

Pure: Mild, soap-free cleanser if you or your pet is allergic to shampoos or chemicals (white, not pictured)

White Coat: For the whitest of white coats.  No peroxide, alcohol, bleach or amonia (blue color, not pictured) 

There are several other scents/products available at the weblink below.  Please note that SPA Lavish has newly designed bottles and packaging in the photos on the weblink, but it is the same great product.

SPA Lavish Your Pet Collection, 1-800-542-7387, www.tropiclean.com

Tropiclean and SPA Lavish are from the same company and Mane 'n Tail conditioner is available at WalMart.  This is what your puppy has been bathed with right before it is shipped to you. 
Tropiclean, 1-800-542-7387, www.tropiclean.com
These are easily found on Amazon.com either new or used. Nylon, easy to clean, light to ship. They are about $50-80 new.  Just type "Puppy Playpen" in the search engine.
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Need a Puppy Playpen?
This is the style we recommend: