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Our Next Shipping Date are:
9-25 and 10-2-2018
As of May 1, shipping is going up to $300 in the USA.  For the record, I am not happy about it either.  Activists are STILL trying to put law abiding kennels out of business, and have been lobbying the airlines hard to stop shipping live animals.  It is said to be done in order to shut down puppy mills, but most puppy mills do not ship their puppies, law abiding kennels do.  I regret that I have to pass this increase along to you. 
There is a lot of "fake news" on the airwaves about how bad it is to ship live animals.  We have been flying puppies all over the earth for 15 years and have had nothing but great experiences.   
No new litters expected at this time.
 Female, $2200, White, tiny and adorable, registered AKC foundation stock, going outside to go potty, 7-8 lbs full grown, Ready to go now.
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 Female, $1000, White, will look JUST like a Bolognese, registered ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club), about 8 lbs full grown, Ready to go 9-14-2018.
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