TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Charmaine D.  [


Following are 2 references that Charmaine sent to 2 different inquiring customers. 


You will have a wonderful experience buying a puppy from Jarbeth's Kennel. Bethany is so informed and stands by her pups all the way.  She never hesitates to answer your questions on bringing up your puppy.  My Bianca Rose is a Bolognese, 9 months and one of the best purchases I have ever made.  She is so intelligent, loving, total companion, and just beautiful.  I cannot give her a full walk with so many people stopping me for her attention.  The puppies are so well cared for and you see that when they arrive from the airport!  My Bianca just ran out of her cage at 3lbs, licking me and loving me after her long flight to me in Florida.


There are no negatives about Jarbeth's Kennel...Oh maybe just one...once you have one  puppy from will want another!!!! I have no negatives about my Bianca other than I can't take a long walk with her cuz I'm stopped constantly with people wanting to hold, play with, and cuddle her!!!  Bianca Rose takes it all in and she flirts with everyone.....She is just a "love"!


My boss saw my puppy and automatically purchased a Bolo-Noodle after having 2 other dogs in her house.  She feels the same as I do.  Her Bolo-Noodle is all the above!!!


Hurry and get your down payment to Bethany before your choice is purchased by someone else!!


Second Letter...


OMG it is going to be the happiest day of your life when you pick up that beautiful puppy.  I have had Bianca Rose who is a Bolognese since November 2011....she will be 1 on Aug 29.  She has filled my life with joy and happiness...being a recent widow...Bianca has done so much for my well being as I go through this grief process.


Bethany is wonderful... "holds your hand" all through the growing stage of your puppy.  She is ALWAYS available for questions and suggestions for bringing up your puppy.  Everything she described is exactly as is and I am so happy to have found her business.


Enjoy your new baby and feel very confident that this will be a great experience!!!  Jarbeth's Kennel is an asset to our pet loving community!!!!


Make it a Great Day!!!!!


All My Best.




Our only regret is that we wish Charmaine would have told them how she REALLY feels.  >grin<

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Janice L.  [ ]  

Dear Jarbeth,

Thank you so much for Oscar (named after Oscar Mayer Bologna since he is a Bolognese!)  He was easily adjusted to his new home the day he arrived and even knew where to potty.  He has been such an angel and everyone adores him no matter where he is.  I can't seem to
not bring him anywhere I go and he follows me everywhere.  He is a perfectly loyal companion.

I would also like to mention that you were very helpful and patient with all my questions before I received Oscar.  All the information provided in the e-mails and in the website were useful.  Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Note from Bethany:  It is not uncommon for our puppies to follow their new master without a leash.  We have had many potential customers request a puppy that will follow them like Oscar follows Janice.  Bolognese want to follow you.  You are their person.
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Suzanne W. [ ]

Troy and Bethany,

Teddy is doing very well.  Here's a photo that I took last week of him with his new collar.

I really love Teddy a lot.  He's my best friend and I come home from work every day for lunch to take him out and feed him lunch.  I have to wean myself off of spending too much time at home with him and toughen up because my social life is non-existent now! :)

Take care and looking forward to hearing from you.
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Becky L. [ ]

Carol, my sweet dear friend, took my Mom to pick Teddy up since I was in the ER again.  He's so adorable, walking around getting used to everything.  I can hear Mom gently talking to him in her lap.  What a happy day!
Later, we received this update...
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Bryant B.

Hi Bethany!

Thank you so much for Mayer!  He is so adorable!  He brings happiness to my life that I've been missing for a while.  I was so surprised that he wasn't even scared of me when I took him out of his crate!  He began licking my toes and face right away.  =)

I'm not sure if you remember Janice, but she bought a Bolognese puppy from you 2 years ago.  She named him Oscar.  I am close friends with her, that is why I named my puppy Mayer (Oscar Mayer Bolognese).  Oscar and Mayer are both doing great!  In fact, my Vet was actually very impressed on how Mayer was in perfect health and how well you organized all his medical records.  Thank you so much for everything!

Thank you,


And as often happens, Janice told a friend...
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Rick S. [ ]


Things are working out great and Piper and Gabby get closer every day.  Gabby is at my feet at the moment and I'm hoping she behaves herself.  Gabby isn't housebroken yet but more and more she signals that she wants to go outside.  She did that several times today.

As much as we love Gabby, I'm beginning to question her intelligence.  She knows her colors and shapes now but is having a hard time learning the alphabet.  I sometimes wonder if I'm just rushing things.  Some parents are that way.

Hope all is well with you.  Gabby has certainly been a blessing for us.  This photo is of Gabby's first snow.




I think I caught something from Gabby as you can see in the picture.  Is this covered in your one year health guarantee?


Still loving that little girl.



On 9-21-2010, we received this follow-up e-mail...

On 9-20-2010, we received this startling e-mail from Rick.  There is a reason we recommend keeping your puppy current on all vaccinations and wormings...
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Michelle P. [ ]

Troy and Bethany,

Hello, I wanted to share a picture of Sugar so you can see how well loved he is.  I love him as much as he loves me.  He follows me all around the house.  I received a call from a buyer asking questions about a Bolognese that he purchased last night.  I assured him that if he purchased from you he has done business with professionalism and honesty.  I also explained that I also was very skeptical doing business on the internet and not seeing what I paid for.  After talking with him for quite some time on the telephone, he felt very positive and happy about his purchase.  I told him he made a great purchase from great people and said that Jarbeth's Kennel was the best!  I want to thank you for trusting me as I trusted you.  I will send you an update photo of Sugar soon.  He is great!!!  Any time at all you want to use me for a reference, please feel free.

Have a wonderful day!
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: John and Christine K. [ ]
Hi Bethany.

Gus is a joy and blessing in our lives everday.  He will be 3 years old on March 19th.  We receive so much love from him.  We consider him an angel in our lives.  He is such a wonderful dog and he has made our lives so much better.  Thank you.

Yes, he is now sleeping in our bed and he loves it.  So do we.

He is taking his NuVet wafer each day and is very healthy.  Since I take him to work everyday, he gets so much attention from the staff and students in the school.  He keeps us all laughing.  Many times when the faculty get stressed out, they come to my office and he puts them in a good mood.  We have taken him several times on the plane with us and he sits calmly on my lap.  As you said, they just want to be with you.

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Carol M. [ ]

Dear Bethany,

the jacket and she looks like a windup toy that was dropped in the pool as she quietly moves around.  She has never shown any fear of the water even when she fell in a few times while playing on the edge and did a nose dive under the water.  The one problem with a small white dog is that she gets into dirty things and oft times needs some cleaning.  Well I just drop her in the kitchen sink and turn the water onto warm and clean and shampoo her with the sink spray.  She stands and waits and then she shakes and we wrap her in a towel which she loves.  Sometimes we use the blow dryer on low heat and she thinks that is neat.

Last weekend we had a wedding and a party at our house so for four days we had a barrage of people.  Mia loves her crate but whenever I looked someone had taken her out of the crate so they could play with Mia.  No one believes that she is just a four month old puppy because she will quietly lie on anyone's lap and just put her head on their arm.  Now when it is time to play, she will entertain herself and run around in all directions.  All our guests this past weekend commented on the fact that she was not like their image of a small dog.  They were so astounded at how quiet and laid back she was.

I almost forgot to tell you that she goes in all stores that allow dogs and when I am trying on clothes she just sits on the bench in the dressing room on top of the clothes I took off.  She is a companion dog.  Also, I thought you could use the info we received today that Mia had achieved her UKC championship for your bragging rights.

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Barney (Andy's new puppy) [ ]

Dear Grandma,

I just wanted to thank you for sending me to this nice family in Buffalo.  I think it snowed last night, this city is a dump.  But, the new family I am with is just so nice.  I have my own little crate that I get to sleep in and I have many new brothers and sisters.  There is my brother, a doggie, his name is Freddy.  He is scared of me (hee hee...), little ol' me.  Oh yeah, my new name is Barney... kind of cool, Freddy and Barney.  MY sisters are weird, they meow, I really do not understand what they are saying.  I will teach them who is boss soon.  They have a bunch of kids too like you, they are very nice.

Here is an e-mail from one of our puppies. Our puppies e-mail their new mommies and daddies once we get a deposit, so our customer Andy decided to let his new puppy Barney e-mail us from his new home in New York...
Last night I was a bad boy, I cried and barked a bit, I was just lonely.  This morning my new mommy gave me a nice bath after daddy took me outside to pee.  What a fool he is, I don't want to pee out there, the grass tickles my thingy!!  I guess I will learn, just to be nice to them.

Today I hear we may go for a small walk.  I hope that is nice.  Does it ever get warmer than 50 here?  Oh well, I have hair, I will be fine.

Ok, that's all for now, my paws are tired.  Oh yeah, they got me two rattles for my cage, like you said and a collar and a tag.  I think I am on my way to being very spoiled!!

Miss you grandma, I will write soon, maybe some pictures along the way.  Say hello to everyone for me.


TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Max (Donna H's Puppy)

Dear Grandma,

Here is a picture my new mommy and daddy took of me in my forever home.  I like it here.  I have a big brother named Hugo.  Hugo has lots of beds and lots of toys.  He lets me sleep in his beds and play with his toys.  He is a good brother and we kiss each other a lot.  I think he will protect me if anyone tries to give me a hard time.  Hugo doesn't know that I am a Bolognese puppy.  He thinks I am a little Labradoodle cause he is a big Labradoodle.  I like him a lot. I make him chase me all around the house and mommy calls me a trouble maker cause I mess up the carpets.  I like the name my new mommy and daddy gave me.  It's Claudius Maximus.  Usually they just call me Max.
Here's another e-mail from one of our Bolognese puppies...
Say hello to all of family and friends at the kennel.  I miss you all.


Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how things are going with our girl Mia.  We have always been large dog lovers.  Small dogs are usually hyper, yappy, and not that good with a lot of people.  Then we got Mia.  She never barks other than to talk and tell you she wants her breakfast or she wants our big dog to do something that she does not want to do.  She is the epitome of a "go anywhere dog".  When I go to tennis, she goes with me in her airline style carry case and it sits in the shade on the picnic table and she watches us play tennis for the next few hours.  Well that is not always the case because if there are people around, they ask if Mia can come out and play with them so they often baby sit Mia.  I had a wicker basket installed on my bicycle so I put a harness on Mia which I attach to the basket, and Mia rides for hours with me in the basket.  She also likes the boat, and swims in our pool.  She is quite the swimmer.  When we first got her she was too small to fit in the smallest lifejacket so she learned to swim without one.  Now she fits in

This is from one of our customers to a potential customer who was afraid to purchase a puppy over the internet and e-mailed asking for a reference...


TO: Phyllis (a potential customer)
Vicki S. (our previous customer)


Hi Phyllis,


If you want to ask any questions about my experience with Bethany, feel free.  I'm in NJ.  I was leery about an internet transaction like this too, and I would probably even question a stranger's email, but I CAN say without hesitation that my experience with Bethany was flawless!  I did not have one single problem.  No matter what, I had some anxiety throughout, but I went with my instincts after thoroughly researching the internet and talking to Bethany at length.  I even requested the brother later, and they flew together.  I'm sure that you are feeling the same way right now.  You feel good about Bethany, but can't help be nervous, because of the way the world can sometimes be.  Don't worry!  Your baby will arrive and your life will be transformed!


Bethany has always answered her phone, called me back or emailed me back every single time, and she still does.  She is very knowledgeable about the breed and always spoke to me for as long as I needed.  She answered every single question I had (and I had a lot) with facts and opinions, and it always enlightened me.


I cannot say enough about our boys, who are the brothers of the puppy in which you are interested.  The breed is wonderful.  They have changed our lives 100%!  We love them so much that we could just 'squeeze them to death'!  Take a deep breath and exhale, you will experience this too!


Good luck!  Vicki S.




TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Jeremy and Martha L.


This was taken on Christmas Eve just before we left for Christmas Eve Service.  Their smiles haven't faded and they keep telling me how much they love him.

Let us begin by saying "Thank you" a million times over.  We set off to find the "perfect dog" for our family.  We weren't set on a particular breed or color or age or gender.  We wanted to find a great companion for our family...a dog that would have an awesome temperament with our three children - ages one, three and six.  A dog that would be content lying around while our daughters read books to him.  A dog that we could take on long walks around our neighborhood.  A dog that was smart, fun, playful and loyal.  We weren't in a big hurry to find the perfect dog, as we thought our search might take a long time.  As usual, God had a plan for us and led us to you!

From the very moment we spoke with you and explained what we were looking for, you were so kind and helpful.  The Bolognese you had available seemed to be the perfect match for us.  Through the numerous conversations we had with you about him we could tell this was the dog for us.  You were kind enough to send several emails, photos and videos which made us feel as though he were already part of our family long before we got him.  Based on what you told us about him, our expectations were high....but he more than exceeded even our highest expectations!  He is not only the perfect dog for our family....he's the perfect dog!  He has no bad manners and is extremely smart and well behaved.  He is very laid back - yet loves to run and play.  He loves our children and is calm and gentle with them.  He fits right into our family and is a true joy to have around.  He goes everywhere we go and is happy to just be with us.  We keep looking at each other and saying, "He's such a great dog!"  We've also said a million times "Why doesn't everyone have a Bolognese?"

Thank you, Bethany, for being such a great person.  You have blessed us with a perfect dog!  We appreciate all the time you took to make us feel comfortable with our decision - by listening to what we wanted in a dog and making sure we got the perfect addition to our family.  You have always been here to answer our questions and made us feel like we weren't alone in this new adventure.  You are extremely knowledgeable and everything you said was right on - every time.  We couldn't be happier!


Jeremy and Martha
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Nessie R. [ ]


Dessa is doing great.  This puppy is absolutely perfect.  I actually renamed her Hassy Dessa Ruiz.  She has such a charming personality and is so well behaved and attentive.  She plays hard and sleeps well.  She's eating well too and seems well adapted as if she has been with me all her life.  She's even paper training quickly.  She went to the vet today and checked out great at 3.5 pounds.

I plan on getting her a sister but I will have to wait like 2 years or so when I buy a home.  But I can't wait to get another puppy from you.

Thanks so much!!!


Later, we received this e-mail from Dessa, the puppy above...

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Dessa

Hi Gramma Miller,

I am so worn out, I am emailing you from my mom's blackberry (and I thought a regular keyboard was hard, phones are harder!)  Well I arrived OK.   I was dying to get out of that crate but mommy let me lick her face as soon as I got out.  I licked her face all the way home!  I am so happy that my tail is sore from wagging so much.  I had some water and food right away when I got home.  Thanks for telling mom about the Gerber chicken... I really liked that and I ate a lot, then I pooped.  Mommy made a big happy dance when I pooped and said I did a good potty on the peepee pad...  No clue what a peepee pad is but I liked the funny dancing.

I have so many toys and a nice comfy bed that I am planning on making lots of holes in when mom isn't looking.  All of my things are in a playpen so its like I have my very own big girl room.  Oh, and I met my auntie and her kids and they were really nice too and said I was super cute.  My aunty said she wants to keep me, but mom told her she already has a dog.

Oh, and mom gave me a bath but I didn't really like it, but she said I behaved pretty good.  Other than the bath, I had so much fun today and it's only day 1 p.m.!  I am so tired that I cannot stay awake and am actually typing this as I am passed out on mom's bed.  I peed on it a little... Don't tell mom, maybe she won't notice.

Lots of love always,


TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Barb M.  [ ]



Just thought you like to know Mocha is doing great.  She is a pleasure to have and everyone who meets her thinks she is to cute to be real.  People are always asking what kind of dog is she, and where did I get her.  She is a very active dog, very athletic and agile.  She is 7 lbs. now, 12" long and 10" high from shoulder down.  Her coat is beautiful and she is a healthy puppy.

She learned very quickly all the basic commands of sit, lie down, stand, stay, come, fetch, how to walk on a leash, etc.  I taught her how to walk on a treadmill before she had all of her shots (she loves going out for walks in the neighborhood also) which will come in handy now that the weather is turning cold.  She loves to run through the house, and thru exercise tunnels, and up and down play ramps and hoops, and playing hide and seek

carrying her toys or blanket with her. . .  She also loves riding in a bike basket andtraveling in either car or airplane.  She litter box trained quickly inside her exercise pen, which is now 8 x 12. 
She just graduated from her puppy class which really was more for continued socialization (she was so sweet when I got her) since she knew all the commands before she started.  She still gets highly excited when she meets new people or dogs, but she loves everyone and greets with kisses.  She doesn't bark except when playing fetch and she gets excited.  Noises do not bother her at all.  I'm trying to get her to sit when greeting people or other animals since in her excitement she is jumping up all the time; which we will continue to focus on in her next intermediate training class.

Happy Holidays!

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Noelle T. [ ]

Hi Bethany and Troy!

Hoping that you all have had a wonderful holiday season and that the New Year is treating you right!  Lilly has been wanting to say hi to you and give you an update about how she is doing.

She is such a smart girl and loves to run and play CONSTANTLY!  She is a very big fan of her Kong toy and loves eating her treats this way.  At about 8 pounds, she is just a little ball of love and kisses!  We canít go more than 1 minute without getting a kiss from her and of course she loves to be snuggled up on the couch with us or in our arms.  Belly rubs are her favorite as well as playing fetch.

We absolutely adore her and think she is the most special girl in the world.  I have attached some pictures of her so you can see her now that she is 1 year (and one month) old.

Best wishes,

Noelle and Family

To: Jarbeth's Kennel

From: Donna O. [ ]


Dear Bethany


I just wanted to thank you for my WONDERFUL Bolognese puppy, Milo.  He is just a joy to have.  Everyone just loves him.  Took him to the vet on Monday and the vet said he is a perfect pup.  You are a very nice person and I will tell everyone about you.  You answered all my questions no matter how dumb they may have been. 


I can't tell you the joy you gave my kids that day you brought the puppies to Bloomington.  O.K. I can't lie, I was just as happy.  When you let us have the puppy sooner than we thought, that was a very nice surprise.  Not too many people these days would go out of their way to sell a puppy or even try to work around our schedule to deliver them like you did. 


My kids and I will miss your e-mails that you sent to let us know how the puppy was doing and the nice pictures also.  You went out of your way not only for us, but for the puppies--to make sure that you placed the right puppy with the right people.  I really believe that all puppies that come from your family are very loved.  I will keep you informed on how he is doing.


Thanks again,





Hi Bethany,

Whatever I caught from Gabby doesn't seem so bad today.



Rick (one of our more colorful customers) has since made a full recovery.  When you stop laughing, feel free to contact him at the e-mail address above.  He would LOVE to brag about Gabby!

At Jarbeth's Kennel -- where we put a puppy in your arms and a smile on your face.
Happy owners of a Bolognese AND a BoloNoodle puppy jarbethskennel011002.jpg

Our References...


TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
Donna E.


Hi Bethany and Troy and kids,


One year ago my dad and I visited you in Salem to see a puppy.  In February you met my parents and handed over "Toby".  One year later Toby is healthy, happy and a wonderful companion.  Both of my parents love him.


Mom is doing great.  This little guy gives her a lift every day.  She laughs and walks a lot more than she did a year ago.  He has been a real blessing to them and to me.


Thank you.  Toby is everything I hoped he would be.  He's an intelligent, fun little guy.




He loves other dogs and is just incredible.  This little guy is amazing.  When he first arrived he acted as if he has been here for years.  My wife and I find ourselves looking at him when he is asleep and we can't believe it.  You did some beautiful work with him.  You definitely have a calling when it comes to animals.


You are the best!  Don't hesitate to use me as a reference.

Take care. 

John K.
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TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
Ben D.  [ ]




I wanted to thank you for contacting me about this precious puppy I now own.  He is adorable and is a very good companion.  Everyone here where I live that has made contact with him just adores him.  I named him Muzby and he has the best temperament I have experience with any pet I owned.  I took him to the Vet on Monday and the veterinarian gave him a clean bill of health.  The vet also mentioned that he knows the veterinarian at the Rolla Animal Hospital and said he is a very good vet. 


I had Muzby groomed today and he is adorable.  I will send you a picture as soon as I take one of him.  It was a struggle getting to know his potty habits outside, but he has adjusted quite well.  I was a little worried about the crate training, but I have left him in there before leaving for work and he also has adjusted well to it.  I couldn't ask for a better pet.  My apartment manager has really taken a liking to him as well as other renters he has met. 


Thank you for giving me the dream of pet ownership again.

Recently we received this from Suzanne...

Hi Bethany

Love the new website.  Also loved seeing Hubi and Opal, Teddy's parents.  He's 9 now but people think he's a puppy.

Do you still have some of Opal and Hubi's offspring that are going to be retired and need homes?  I'm now in Indiana and could drive to your kennel to see them and hopefully see which one likes Teddy and me and my husband.  I'd especially like to adopt one that you are planning to retire, since I think we could give him or her a good home to live the rest of their lives.

Thanks for any word,


TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
Danielle S.  [ ]

Hello Bethany,

Hope all is well at Jarbeth's Kennel.  I cannot begin to tell you how much joy Ace has brought to our family.  We love him so much and he has a pretty good life here in Las Vegas. 

My husband and I were married in April and are purchasing our first home.  We are interested in adding another Bolognese to the family in the fall.  I noticed on your site you have some available beginning of September.  When would the next puppies be available?  I am not sure if we would be ready by fall but maybe over the holidays or beginning of next year. 
I attached a picture of Ace from the 4th of July, driving a boat in Michigan.  :)

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Danielle S.
Master Teddy is a happy and healthy 1 yr old (+ 1 month) at 8.3 pounds.  He LOVES my two 3 yr old rescue cats, they are all the best of friends.  He loves everyone and other dogs, gets along great.  He's the sweetest devoted companion for my 80 yr old mom who is living with us and they are inseparable.  Teddy loves running in his huge grassy backyard, goes in and out of his doggy door all day long and protects my mom all night by her side.
Here he is cooling off indoors from the triple digit temperatures outside here in Georgia this week, a photo which made the local paper.   We take him to a wonderful groomer about once a month

or 2 and they are in love with him and he with them.  In this photo, just a sweet little guy coming indoors to cool off after playing and exploring outdoors with the cats.
He says, "Hi guys!" to you all in Missouri!