Soon afterward, this couple purchased their second BoloNoodle...


Hi Bethany!


I just wanted to give you a quick update.  Dolce is fitting in VERY well at home!  It took Maddie about 4-5 days to get used to little Dolce running around like a crazy pup, but they are now inseparable!  Dolce keeps up with Maddie with the rough housing, and Maddie is so funny, because she just lets Dolce pull on her ears and her beard.  I've never seen Maddie be submissive to another dog, but she let's Dolce cuddle on her pillow with her and everything.  Dolce is doing well with potty training, and *loves* the dog door!  Dolce has already learned how to sit and she listens well.  You were right, she is very social!  I don't think we could have picked a better puppy to pair with our Maddie!  I am so glad we made the decision to add her to our family.  Now Brandon has 2 dogs sitting on his lap at night on the recliner, and he is in heaven!  Thanks again, I'll keep the updates coming in the future!

God bless,


Elise H.

NOTE:  Two weeks after we received the above e-mail, the E-B family mentioned above purchased the Bolognese puppy to the right =>

Sometimes an entire group of friends purchase a puppy because of how impressed the first one of them was with a puppy, customer service and/or professionalism, so they told their friends.  Bonnie has been telling her friends!

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Bonnie W.

Bethany -- here is another photo of Rocco.  He is doing great.  He is the rock star of doggie daycare (he goes 2 days per week) and he loves his pals there.

At Jarbeth's Kennel -- where we put a puppy in your arms and a smile on your face.
Happy owners of a Bolognese AND a BoloNoodle puppy from Jarbeth's Kennel jarbethskennel011002.jpg

Our References...

(minus his cream spots) with that group.  I think he fits more with those testimonials than those written in the Bolo-Noodle references which is funny since he is a Bolo-Noodle.  In short, you were so very right about him when he was just a few days old.  Leo is calm and looks like a beautiful bolognese with cream ears.  Frannie is a little more spunky, but she LOVES my mom.  She whimpers when she can see her but can't be right with her.  They are both a great addition to the family.  
Thanks again.  And... I promise my daughter will hand out the business cards if I don't.  She is not shy to tell anyone who mentions her "cute dog" or they might want a dog, about you.  Life is not complete without a Bolo-noodle in her mind.  Normally she is a little reserved so it's good to see her do this as a mom.  :)



Later, Lisi G. contacted Geri for a personal reference before she purchased from Jarbeth's Kennel:

Hi Geri - I got your email and name from the references on the Jarbeth's Kennel site.

I hope you don't mind my e-mailing but I was just wondering how your experience has been with your BoloNoodle? Still good??

Please let me know if you have any valuable information for me -- we have purchased a puppy from Bethany that is coming in the fall - but I'm nervous about online purchase and flying our puppy to us. I'm hoping for good news from you!

Thanks so much -

Lisi G.

Geri responded:
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel.
FROM: Stacy B.  [ ]
Hi Bethany,

This is not Tilly’s first time swimming at the beach but we took some pictures this weekend when we were out at Bodega Bay in Northern California.

Who knew she would enjoy fetching and swimming.  She takes after her siblings, Darby and Clancy.

Hope you are well and enjoying life.

All the best,

Stacy B.
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: L'Tonya J.  [ ]

Rocky is doing great, he has become part of our family.  He's 15 months old and weighs about 10 lbs.  He is very active, loves to play fetch and tug of war.  He has a very sweet demeanor, very loving (I have never heard him growl) but he is a watch dog and barks when any one gets close to the house.  
He LOVES TO PLAY and sit on your lap..... I might be bias but he is very smart... we went to puppy class and he knows how to sit, lay down, stay and come.... just to name a few.  
FYI for future customers, Rocky was a med/dark brindle color when we got him and now he's almost completely white except a little color by his mouth, ears and tail.... Either way we think he is adorable.
My husband has a new best friend.  Thank you again we couldn't be more  
© Copyright 2004-2020 Jarbeth's Kennel.  All rights reserved.
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Barbara B.
[ ]

Bethany, just thought I’d send a photo of the puppies – it’s their first birthday today!  We absolutely positively love them so much and cannot imagine our lives without them.  They are such a joy!  Zoey (the dark one) is about 8 lbs. and Ziggy is 7 lb. 4 oz.  They are so much fun and such good puppies.
Thanks again.
From time to time, our customers send us the e-mail they send to inquiring potential customers.  This is the first of several examples of the type of reference you will get from our previous BoloNoodle customers if you e-mail them asking about obtaining a puppy from Jarbeth's Kennel.  Lisi also contacted Gerry R. (their corespondance is below).
TO: Lisi G.
FROM: Karen R.  [ ]
Hi, Lisi!

I just love my Elmo!  He is so sweet and such a good dog.  I got Elmo on July 9th and he turned 11 weeks old this past Wednesday.  It seems like Bethany does a terrific job with her breedings.  She told me she was very particular about who she breeds and she gets the parents tested (hips and eyes and I think knees too) so the chance of you having a very healthy dog are very good.  Elmo is black with a white chest and tips of his back feet.  He is adorable and I love him very much.  I don't think you will need to worry about getting a dog from Bethany.  Yes, I believe the dog is as good as it seems.

Have you had dogs before?  You must remember that he is only a puppy when you get him/her so even though they are smart, you can't expect them to sleep through the night.  I have a small dog crate next to my bed that is the same height as my bed so that Elmo can see me.  Mind you I have had Elmo since July 9th and just these past 2 days he has finally slept most of the night.  The first night I had him he got me up 4 times to go out and potty then after a couple days he got me up 3 times, then 2 times and then 1 time.  Don't forget he also has to get used to a new home and routine so that takes a little time.  I feed Elmo 3 times a day.  My vet told me I had to keep Elmo on puppy food for 12 months because it has more calcium for his growing bones.

I think you will be VERY happy with your puppy from Bethany.  I know I am!  If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me again.

Best of luck and warm regards,

Later, we received this update...
Hi, Bethany!
Elmo is now 8 months old and he weighs 12.6 pounds.  He is not too fat either.  He is such a joy!  We just love him to pieces.  He has wonderful conformation and his personality is such a scream!  He's the best!  We can't thank you enough!
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel.
FROM: Gina J.  [ ]

As a former breeder of Doberman Pinschers which I used to also show in obedience and a former manager, many years ago, of one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in the Midwest, it takes a lot to impress me.  I am writing this testimonial for Bethany because I feel that she really cares about the quality of the dogs she breeds and also cares about placing them in the right homes.

After my last Doberman died, I realized because of my age and health issues (rheumatoid arthritis), that it was time to downsize to a smaller breed of dog.

After scanning numerous breeders on the internet, I chose Bethany and picked out a cute little dog named Ebony, 8 months old.  Ebony turned out to be exactly what Bethany advertised on her site about him.....crate trained, house broken, HEALTHY, and well mannered and socialized.  Ebony was delivered on time, complete with all of his paperwork AND medical records.  Bethany answered ALL of my questions about the dog.  After meeting Bethany, I could tell that she really cares about placing her dogs in good homes.

If you looking for a reputable breeder, somebody who REALLY cares about the quality, health, and temperament of her dogs.....than Bethany is the breeder for you.

I cannot tell you how pleased and happy I am with my new little companion, Ebony.  My birthday is Sept. 18th and what a great b-day present to myself Ebony is !!!!!!

He has had NOT ONE accident in the house, and he has bonded to me very quick.  We play fetch with his tennis ball everyday and what a smart little guy he is !!!!!....I taught him to retrieve the ball in less than an hour.  And a great watchdog too.....he knows what to bark at and what is normal.....

So there you go, another happy, satisfied client.

Thank You, Bethany.

Cordially, Gina & Ebony
Thanks again.

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel.
FROM: Christine L.  [ ]   [ ]
Here' Dexter right before a haircut.  He is now @14 months young.  All 8.5 pounds of him.  He' s loving the Florida winter break and has had a great time cheering Pickleball, pontooning, golfing, and being all around the center of attention.  Honestly I could write a book about him!  Still very little barking.  No one can believe it!  He just want to be everyone's friend.  Animal or human.  Big or small.  Dolphin or manatee.  I sincerely hope you can keep the breed temperament as mellow as it is now!  Tempts me to get another one!!!!
We have a babysitting waiting list and our friends email to
check on Dexter!!!!!!


TO: Jarbeth's Kennel.
FROM: Jack and Lisa D.  [ ]


Wanted to let you know that the puppy, aka Cookie, arrived safe and sound and is settling in.  Our shepherd took to her immediately.  Oreo still isn’t too sure.  He plays with her and they chase each other around.  I’m sure in a few weeks they will be inseparable.

She is precious and a wonderful addition to our family. 
Thank you so much!!!  
I’ve attached a pic of Cookie with our granddaughter on the way home from the airport.  The lady at the airport wanted to take her home.   We gave her one of your business cards!

Jack and Lisa
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel.
FROM: Loius M.  [ ]

Hello Bethany

Once again - it was great to meet you in person.

The puppy you brought, Marco, is as healthy, loving and playful as can be.

Everyone just loves these 2 little guys and are always asking where we got them.

Hope all is well!

Note from Bethany:  I love hand delivering puppies in Oklahoma and Texas becasue it gives me an excuse to visit my family in Texas.  And meeting great people like Lou and his wife make it even more enjoyable.  There are many of our customers that if we lived in the same area I would enjoy spending time with and becoming friends.   Lou and his wife are two such customers.
Another repeat customer.  This couple bought their first BoloNoodle from us several years ago before they bought their second...
A follow-up reference arrived a few weeks later...

Hi Bethany,

Wanted to send you some pics and give you an update on “Cookie.” Oreo and Cookie are becoming friends, or at least playmates, but of course on his terms.  I wish you could see how they chase each other around the house and play.  It’s quite hysterical.  If she tries to lay right next to him or sits too close to him he still sometimes growls at her and then moves, but he is becoming more accepting of her for sure.

Spirit, our german shepherd took right to her.  If you remember he does not get along well with other dogs (outside his pack) and when we got Oreo we muzzled him for a few days just to make sure he wasn’t going to hurt him – which he didn’t.  We muzzled him the first day with Cookie and he hasn’t had it on since.  He’s a really good boy and he’s always licking her and also tries to play with the two of them.

She went to the vet yesterday for her 12 week shots.  She is now 4 lbs.  She loves to eat!!  The hard part is trying to keep her out of Oreo’s food after she eats her own!

As with Oreo, she has quite the personality.  She is definitely the one who rules the roost between the three of them.  She is such a wonderful addition to our family.  We are so happy that we found you and this breed.  Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any references!!
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel.
FROM: Tara B.  [
His name was Dutch and in years he was only three,
He left us way too soon doing what he loved - running through the trees.

      Day in and day out he brought love, laughter and joy,
      He could melt your heart with one look, our sweet little boy.

          He smiled, hugged his toys and licked you and me,
          We hope he knew what we did, our lives together were meant to be.

                He was kind, he was sweet and his love he gave everyday,
                His short life here had a reason, and we know that today.

                      We learned to appreciate the little things in life and unconditionally love,
                      We realize he was taken so early to watch after us from above.

                            You are so deeply missed and hold a special place in our hearts,
                            There you will always remain special, and there we will never part.
Hi Bethany - here is a recent picture of Brindle after her first groom!  She is such a sweet, sweet puppy.  We adore her...can't wait for her little brother to arrive!
Tara :)
Hi Bethany -

Hope all is well.  Thor arrived here on Friday, late afternoon.  Brindle loves him!  We all love him, & he is fitting in very well.  I gave him a short bath when he got here & he didn't mind at all - very calm.  He is such a wonderful addition to our family.  It was good timing, as the day after he arrived would have been Dutch's 4th birthday.
Somestimes tragedy strikes.  The poem below is in tribute to one of our BoloNoodles who is greatly missed by his family...
Tara and her family did not allow this singular tragic event to keep them from having another pet, and (over time) purchased not one but TWO more BoloNoodles from Jarbeth's Kennel...
Thor & Brindle really helped bring some happiness to my girls yesterday.  Thanks again...we will for sure be in touch.  I will send a picture of my 3 daughters with both puppies soon.


Tara :)
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Geri R.  [ ]


I have had Bella Lulu for all of 48 hours now and life with her is better than I ever imagined it would be.  She is an absolute love of an animal.  She loves to run and play, and she is so incredibly affectionate.  We are stuck to each other like Velcro.  I can’t thank you enough for sending me such a wonderful dog and companion.  You have been absolutely fantastic, from the beginning of the process through the end (although there will be no end).  My vet said that she is in perfect health, and that I was very lucky to have a breeder like you.

We will send you photos later today so that you can see just how happy we all are together.  We will continue to send you photos as she grows so that you can see what a beautiful dog she becomes.  How could she be anything but beautiful given the great beginning that she  
had with you and your family.  I can’t walk more than 50 yards without people stopping to ask me all about her and telling me how adorable she is.  As I type this note to you Bella is sleeping beside me in her new cushy bed.  We are never more than 10 feet from each other.  I have worse separation anxiety than she does.

I have already referred several people to you.

With deep appreciation,

Geri R.
Hi Lisi,

I love my Bella more than I ever thought possible.

She has a great temperament and everyone that meets her falls immediately in love with her.  She just celebrated her 2nd birthday and I can tell you this has been the best 2 years of my life!  She adds a whole new dimension.

Bethany is a gem to work with, both during and after the purchase.  I highly recommend her and her dogs.  This is my first dog as an adult (at 53) and I have nothing but praise for Bethany and the breed.
Here is a recent photo of Bella.


Geri R.

We recently received an update from Geri...

Hi Bethany,

Bella just turned 3 and we can’t thank you enough for the three great years that we have had together.  She is just awesome.  I am attaching two photos.  One of Bella in her pool at doggie day care and the other is a shot of Bella with her Bolonoodle friends Nan and Bailey.  They are the Bolonoodles that made us reach out to you.

The three “Bolos” are the talk of the day care.

Thank you for bringing such joy and love into our lives.


Jack and Lisa purchased Oreo in 2011 and Cookie in 2013
Recently received this update...

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Christine L.


Dexter has graduated to the Big Time!  Captain of our new boat!  Who needs cruise control???


Dexter is doing great.  We take him everywhere: Golfing, Boating, Lounging, on Vacation and everyone loves him.  He has met lots of new friends and children and is very well mannered and not in the least barky!  A very quiet, happy, gentle puppy.  He loves the water and is excited when he goes on the kayak with me!


We just love him and honestly Bethany, he never barks!!!!!  He is just a joy for us and everyone he meets.  Our good friends are on your waiting list for your Feb litter and this after babysitting Dexter for just one night!!!!  I can highly recommend them as potential parents and fear that if they can't adopt a BoloNoodle from you in the future Dexter might be kidnapped!


TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Patti T.  [ ]
Hi Bethaney,

I wanted to let you know how much I love the Coco - she is a female bolonoodle I received from you on Dec 29th. 

She is such a special puppy.  Coco is a very sweet, happy, friendly, funny dog.  She loves people, she especially loves to kiss peoples faces.  At night when we go to sleep, she get under the covers and licks my feet until she falls asleep.  She also loves her bath time - so she gets a bath twice a week.  She jumps right into the bathtub and starts playing her bath toys.  One day I was giving my Mom a pedicure, I was soaking my Mom's feet in warm water first and Coco jumped right in the water and had a blast, jumping in and out of the water.  I will get her a kiddie pool for the backyard in the summer.

She is also adores children, which is great because I have 8 nieces/nephews, who adore her as well.  Two of my nephews were afraid of dogs however due to Coco's gentle kind nature they are no longer afraid of dogs.  One of them in particular became very smitten with her - he was emailing me asking what she was doing, how did the car ride go, could I send pictures, etc.  At one point he was asking his teacher, if I could bring Coco to his class for a visit, the teacher agreed but unfortunately the school would not allow this.

She is also extremely smart.  She now knows what it means when I tell her to "mind the house" or ask if she wants some "yogurt" or go "bye bye in the car".  She is also very good a posing for photos.

She came into my life when I desperately needed some happiness (my husband died the previous Dec unexpectedly).  She has been so good for me, I never imagined after my husband's death that I would feel anything but sadness.  While I am still grieving the loss of my husband, Coco is definitely helping through the journey.  I now it may sound crazy to you, but every once in a while I believe my husband is coming to me through Coco, which is a gift beyond words.

I love Coco dearly and I am so glad she came into my life.

I am very grateful to you allowing me to be her Mom and for the wonderful care you provided to her during her first few months.  I have no doubt, she would not be the exceptional dog she is if it wasn't for the exceptional people she came from and who took care of her.

Thank you so very much for this precious puppy.

- Patti T.
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Austin T.  [ ]

Hello Ms. Bethany!!
We recently purchased one of your Bolonoodles, his new name is Django... (the D is silent)!  He is the best dog we've ever had!  He LOVES other people and other dogs.  He also loves the pool and playing fetch.  He's only had a few accidents and is settling in fast. 
Everyone who meets him talks about how he's the cutest dog ever. 
We love him and we want to thank you so much for delivering him to us. 
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Debra N.  [

Hi Bethany,
I wanted to give you a better update, since yesterday we were just too exciting to stop and email.  Bella is just wonderful !!  We all love her and she is very happy and comfortable in her new home.  She is a little teddy bear and a clown.  She makes me laugh as she bounces instead of running.  She follows everyone around the house and yard and is just a joy to have.
Last night she slept all night !!  This morning she was full of energy for about 2 hours and we all played with her as she bounced on my face and gave me tons of kisses.  This morning she ate about 10-15 little pieces and had a little bit of water.  She is taking a nap right now and I just can't keep my eyes off her. 
Bella had her first vet appointment.  She is very healthy and weighs 2.8 lbs.  Everyone loved her and she was the first Bolognese they seen at the office.  She was very well mannered.  She sat on my lap without any fuss for the appointment and even kissed the vet and vet assistant during the exam.
She has been doing wonderful.  What a bundle of joy and energy.  She is playing fetch with us all and we started introducing the leash.  She is doing very well with it, however she does like to walk with it in her mouth, but we can work on that gradually. The best part is she does not pull on it and doesn't fuss at all.
She is also doing well with the crate at night.  The puppy playpen, on the other hand didn't work so well.  I put her in the play pen the other evening as we were sitting down to eat dinner and to our amazement, she climbing up the side, over to the top of the crate and tried to jump off !  I have ordered the mesh top that goes over the playpen for her security, but until then we are not going to use it, because I'm afraid she will get hurt. 
Once again, I want to thank you for everything.  Bella is just wonderful !!  She follows me everywhere and is my little shadow.  We have bonded very well.  I am enjoying every minute with her !
Bethany, I want to thank you so very much.  We have the perfect little puppy !!!  She is very happy, healthy, and just a bundle of fun.  I just can't say thank you enough !!
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Tina G.  [ ]


We hope all is well.  We are enjoying Leo very much.  I have attached a photo of both him and Frannie as well as one of them together to see the difference in size.  The two dogs love each other.  Frannie recognizes our house from the driveway and Leo whines (now about the only time I know he has a voice) when she drives away.  Leo is about 8.5 lbs now and Frannie is about 1/2 of that.  They are so much fun and boy do they get the attention.

Leo is so laid back.  People are shocked when I tell them he is only 5 months old.  He likes to play when we play with him, otherwise he likes to just relax an sleep or chew on a toy.  I took the time a few weeks ago to read the references for the Bolognese owners on your site (don't know why I never did that before).  Leo fits 100% personality wise and looks wise
First, Tina bought her family a dog, later her mother purchased another BoloNoodle from Jarbeth's Kennel...
Note from Carmella, Tina's mom...

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Carmela  [ ]


Here is Francesca (Frannie) last week enjoying a leaf in my front yard.  By all means, have folks contact me.  Everyone who sees her comments on how cute she is!!


Carmella wrote this reference to Tammy, an inquiring potential customer:

Hello Tammy,
My daughter and her family got a boy from Bethany and I got a little girl...we love them and have both had a positive experience.  The dogs are now almost six months old and very healthy; neither barks very much; both are loving, smart, and very playful.  Each has a distinctive personality, however.  We named them Francesca (Frannie) and Leonardo (Leo).  We did a lot of reading and research on how to manage ourselves with a puppy, and Bethany was a terrific resource when we had questions.  So the transition for us went pretty well, but no doubt the more you prepare and know what you are doing the easier the transition.  Frannie's house training has gone better than I anticipated...I have tried to be very consistent.  She rarely has an accident, but when she does, it has been my fault not hers.  They are puppies and act like babies of course, needing toys to chew on, play time, and lots of structure.  Our dogs came from different litters but have real similarities in appearance.  Both are white fluff balls, but Frannie has more cream markings and is smaller (just four lbs now).  Their coats are very soft and easy to maintain.  Everyone that sees them comments on how cute they are...both absolutely love their families and are very attached to their caregivers.  It took just a very short time for each to become a central part of their respective families.  Leonardo lives with my daughter, her husband, and two young children; Frannie lives with me...each dog is happy with their circumstances!

We came to think of Bethany as a friend; she runs her kennel very professionally and gave us lots of practical and effective guidance.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions; I enjoy bragging about my little BoloNoodle!! 
Note, generally speaking, I am not a dog person...but these little ones have changed that...really special little companions!!!
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Pat F.  [

Hi Bethany,

Just thought I'd give you an update on our puppy Finn.  He seems extremely happy here in New York.  He's 4 months old now & weighs 8 lbs. and he love's his NuVet vitamins.  Ha!

We've had a busy week:
Tuesday 10/1 he got his rabies shot which is required in NY for a license.
Friday he got his 1st mini hair trim.  His baby hair has to stay with him for a while, but he was looking like Tina Turner so now we can see his eyes!
Saturday our Catholic church had a St. Francis blessing of the animals so he was one of the crowd.

He's still teething, but leaves his munching to his toys & nylon bones.  Hope you like his photo, I took it at Petsmart.  He was very calm with the groomer.
Hope all is well with you And your family.

Pat F.
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Vanessa R.  [ ]

Hi Bethany,

Lacey had her Vet appointment Tuesday evening and we wanted to let you know how happy we were to hear the vet praise you for how well taken care of she is.

I have attached some pics of her exploring her new home.  Her favorite play toy is a pink snake she flings around and kills over and over but she likes to sleep with her teddy bear. We are both still learning when to comes to crate training but she's doing well so far with potty training and is also sleeping just fine through the night.  She really is such a joy, we love her so much.

We are so happy we found you, it truly shows she has come from a wonderful first home.

Thanks again,

Vanessa and Corey

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: John M.


Hi Bethany,

Just to let you know Loki is doing well.  He is about 8 lbs already and is 5 months.

I wanted to let you know with my allergies he is doing great.  This type of dog is the only type I can be around.  All dogs bother my allergies, including hypo allergenic ones...but this is great!

My only challenge with him is the "come" command, we are working on that a lot.  Thought I'd sent a recent pic of him.  Here's Loki with my 91 year old father... who just loves him.

Thanks again



Oreo                               Cookie 
TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Christina K.  [ ]


Thank you a million times over for my precious puppy!  We have decided to name her Lola!  She had an accident only once today!  She even held her bladder for the entire night! (7 hours) -- She is napping on my lap as I type this!

We also took Lola to the vet today, and she passed with flying colors!  She was fawned over and held, and she was the talk of the entire waiting room!

Lola is so well socialized!  THANKS TO YOU!  She is so calm when she meets new people, and doesn't make a fuss when we let others hold her.  I am so excited to begin our journey together, and I can't wait to keep you up to date with all her newest tricks and antics!

I would like to give you a big THANK YOU for providing me and my family with such a healthy, and CUTE-as-a-button puppy!

PS: Please feel free to use me as a reference for any other potential customer!  I am so thrilled with everything!

Thank you sooooo much!

Christina and Lola!

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Wendy H.  [ ]




I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Bella.  She has just been a wonderful addition to our family, and a blessing to our lives.  My daughter says that she is her Bella, and will not go to sleep at night unless she is in the bed with her.


Yesterday, Bella went for her first full grooming, and was on her best behavior.  All the techs at PetsMart thought she was the cutest thing they had ever seen.  I tell people about your website when they ask where I got her.  I will keep sending you pictures as she gets older.  Thank you so much for sending this precious jewel to us.



TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Michelle V.


Hi Bethany,


Maisey is very cooperative about grooming and posing for pictures.  She is VERY bright-She just passed her first series of trainings and will start the second round next week.  She is on track to begin therapy dog training around her first birthday.  She loves people and kids and has a great disposition for visiting nursing homes and hospitals and she puts a smile on everyone's face.  She goes to "school" 3 to 4 days a week participating in an animal science program's doggie daycare and is also part of the schools dog in the classroom program.  She visits area high schools with her teacher to help students learn about the animal science program.  She is a busy pup and is very engaging.  We couldn't be happier, she is a special blessing to our family.




An update from Michelle:


Hi Bethany,


Just checking in to let you know that Maisey is doing well.  She loves her weekends at camp in the Adirondack's.  At a year and a half she has already completed her advanced dog training and will be taking her canine good citizen test some time this fall/early winter.  She has visited a number of high schools in the area as a doggie ambassador for her class and the students just love her.  She is a wonderful companion and we take her everywhere.

Sending puppy kisses from Maisey to your whole family....


TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Jan B.


Hi Bethany,

I just want to thank you again for all your help and kindness through all of this.  I was so afraid to trust on-line purchases after getting scammed but you certainly changed my thoughts about that. 


Thank you Bethany.



TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: K. Larkin



Thank you so much for all of your help, Bailey is such a great addition to our family.  Everyday she continues to grow and with everyday our love for her grows.  She has adjusted very well with us and our other pets.  She has especially become my little tail, wherever I go she goes too and no matter where we go she has no problem making more friends.  I can't express how grateful our family is for finding such a great breeder to help us expand our family.  We wish you the best of luck in all that you do and we will keep you updated on our little girl.

The Larkin Family

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Kathy G.


Hi Bethany -


I just wanted to share some wonderful pictures of Lulu and her happy home.  She is beyond a doubt the cutest puppy on earth and your family has done a superb job of bringing her into the world. 


Thank you once again for sharing her with us.





TO:Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Anita L.  [ ]


Hello Troy and Beth,


I have attached a few pictures of KINGSTON.  I am beyond grateful that I purchased him from you.  He is more than just the pet for the family he truly is my little man.  He's smart, funny and extremely playful and protective.  Kingston is the best thing that could have happened to my children and me....I never thought I could love an animal so intensely.

Kingston is phenomenal, he's the greatest dog EVER! His personality is so loving and playful...I am hooked on BOLONOODLE'S!!!

We love and adore him and really cannot imagine life without him.  Thank you a million times over.....I

always think it was divine intervention that Troy made the mistake and I almost got a different puppy because I put a deposit down for a dog that he didn't know was already, you offered me the BOLONOODLE and me and my children have found a friend for life.


I will ALWAYS refer you and will purchase another dog from you when I am able.


Thank you again and again.



TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Diane K.


Hi Bethany,

Just wanted to let you know the puppies are doing great!!!  They love the snow.  When we take them out to go potty as soon as they are finished they run around and burrow in the snow and have a ball.  We are crate training like you advised and things are going smoothly. We also bought a play pen to put them in when we are at work.  They still need the pee pad once or twice, but when we are home they do go outside.  We love them so much, best purchase we ever made.  Thank you so much for such wonderful pets.

Will send a picture as soon as we can get them to sit still for a minute.  Talk to you soon.

Diane, Cindi, Dooney and Bourke.


Later, these ladies purchased a third BoloNoodle from us...


Hi Bethany,

Just wanted to give you an update. The girls are doing GREAT.  They all love each other so much.  Little Kate is so smart, she is going potty outside with very few accidents, she has been hopping in her crate on her own since the first week, she climbs in the toy box and picks out the toy she wants to play with and she rolls and runs around the house with Dooney and Bourke as if she has been here the whole time. 


Once again thank you so much for breeding the most awesome dogs on the planet.  Everyone who meets them just falls in love with them.  They have added so much love and joy to our lives it's hard to put into words.

Thank you again,

Diane and Cindi

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Forest O.  [ ]


Hi Bethany,

Thanks so much for all your help.  I wanted to write another email updating you on Oliver and providing a reference for any potential customers thinking about purchasing a BoloNoodle.  My advice to them, don't wait, do it!

Oliver (Ollie) was vet-checked yesterday and passed with flying colors.  The vet said he was in excellent health and seemed incredibly observant and intelligent for a 9 week old puppy.  We can attest to that, he is smart and quick to catch on (I know I already told you once, but we think he speaks English!).  We have had him for a week and already he knows his name, comes when we call, follows us everywhere, and knows that the potty is outside and seems to love his crate (we are crate-training him).  When you look at him you can literally almost see the little wheels turning in his mind as he thinks about what it is that we want him to do (and he does figure it out).  He's that tuned in to us and what is going on around him. 


He has a wonderfully sweet and charismatic demeanor and makes adoring fans wherever he goes.  It's impressive.  Wherever he goes he lights the place up.

So, thank you!  We love him.  And please provide my contact information to any potential customers interested in speaking to someone who has already purchased a puppy from you. 

Attached are some pictures of Ollie as well, so you can see how he is doing!



TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Daniela S.


Dear Bethany,

Our black and silver bolo-noodle Reskie loves his new home here.  The whole family loves him and so does everybody who sees him!






TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Bonnie W.  [ ] 


Hi Beth –

Rocco is doing VERY well … he is the toast of the neighborhood and the Star of Puppy Class.  Rocco’s social skills come in handy here – he gets everyone out during puppy play – and is often the Teacher’s “example” as he learns everything VERY quickly.

He loves going for walks with my girls and we live near an ‘active older community’ where they take him for exercise – the elderly folks gush over him – which of course he responds to and then they gush more – a “vicious” cycle ;-).  He is just a great conversation starter and enjoys the attention he gets from the folks who want come up and say hello (AND from their dogs!!)

Both of my daughters are enjoying caring for him and much to my surprise we have very little disagreement when someone needs to walk him or feed him or pick up his toys …. Both girls enjoy taking care of him and of course he is such a loving little guy that he actually tried to help them clean up (he will pick up his ‘lovey’ and put her in his doggy bed, then pat her as if he is tucking her in!!)  We did not teach him this – he just did it, on his own, during his 2nd week with us, and it is the cutest thing to see!!

Our very good friends, Paul & Carolyn, came to visit my Mom and spent the morning playing with Rocco and falling head over heels for him.  They told us that very next week that they had already contacted you and were adopting a puppy from the new litter – a “cousin” of Rocco.  We are very excited, for them and for Rocco!!  We vacation together, along with good friends who have a Bichon, and so now we will be staying at puppy-friendly places.

I know they will be very happy with their new Bolo-Noodle, just as we are thrilled with Rocco.  Everyone – including our Vet and her staff and our groomer and her staff – are besotted with Rocco.  He is smart, friendly, and as the Puppy Class trainer says: Mr. Personality.

I think our dentist is going to contact you and another of our friends, the E-B family will also.

THANK YOU to you and your family for doing such a great job socializing Rocco!!



Samantha D. adores her puppy (I believe she was Snow and is now called Darla).

Also Paul and Carolyn N's family tells us their pup, Louie, is doing great and their kids adore him.

Andrea E-B sent me a new photo of their Bolognese, Roberto.  We can't get over how Robbie and Rocco look like twins!!!

Everyone is so happy with their pups!!

Rocco brightens our days!!
Thanks again for Dexter!  Still loving that fella.  Everybody he meets just loves him!  Best companion ever!!!  :)
Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart.


TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Teresa B.


Hi Bethany,

I just want to let you know our second Bolonoodle, now called Noodle, is settling in very well.  She had a great night last night.  I am sure it is the first of many.  We are all enjoying her.  She is a LOVE!  I didn't think any little dog could be better tempered than Fluffly, but Noodle seems even sweeter.

I can guarantee you there is enough love in the B. family to go around for all the dogs.  We'll keep you posted on the progress and please feel free to get in touch with me as well.

Thank you and take care,




Teresa is a customer who has learned that the BoloNoodles are great companions for their senior dogs, giving them a new lease on life!  We have heard this from several of our Bolognese and BoloNoodle customers.

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Brandon and Elise H.


We got our BoloNoodle about a year ago, and she is doing so well!  We just love her to death!  Everyone that meets her loves her too, in fact 2 of my friends have gotten Noodles from you after meeting our little Maddie!  Tammy B. and my friend Lexa's mom, Irene got her one as a gift - they both love their Noodles too!  Maddie is by far my little best friend, and she is so smart!  Brandon and I moved out to Washington state after we graduated, and Maddie has acclimated quite nicely.  She loves the dog parks and dog beaches here.  We would really love to get a second Noodle, because we know they come from such a great place and we know they are such great pets!  Brandon and I saw Diva and Mandy on your website and are thinking that a darker one would be lovely!  She does very well on her own, but It would be great for Maddie to have a companion dog as well as to grow our family.  You've always been the go-to person for knowledge on this breed, and I know whatever questions have come up, you've always given me the best advice and straight forward answers.  Thank you so much for your time, I look forward to talking with you!


Sincerely, Elise H. & Maddie




TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Tammy S.


Hi Bethany,


Kloe is weighing in now at a whopping 4 lbs., though she looks heavier with all her fur, and she is now 8 months old.  She is absolutely the best thing we ever did – she loves everyone and every other animal in our home.  She isn’t quite fond of the birds that frequent the back porch and she lets them know that they do not belong there.  I do discourage her though as we love to watch the birds.  Kloe loves to pick the kids up from school and literally shakes and whines waiting for them to get in the car. 


I take her to work with me and she loves that too, she knows just the right turn before the office and she starts whining, she runs through the office to greet everyone and they just love her.  She has a bed, toys and all the accessories at work, so she’s happy. 

She has definitely added additional fun to our home.  She is house broken and will let you know when she needs to go out and doesn’t care if it’s raining, snowing or sleeting outside.  Her color has been the most dramatic change in her – she was dark when we got her and now she is mostly grey with the exception of her ears which are black and the tip and underside of her tail is black.  We take her to the groomer about every 3 or 4 weeks and she prances in there likes she’s the queen.  Her fur is a little different as it looks like she’s stuck her paw in a light socket when she leaves the groomer but after a bit it starts to look like you’ve taken a crimper to it, which is the way we really it.  They say animals start to look like there owners and well I have naturally curly hair and I’m constantly having a bad hair day, which is what we always tell Kloe.  She is always having a bad hair day, but she doesn’t seem to care one bit as long as you love her. 


She can be a little stubborn when it comes to learning basic obedience, but she has mastered sit and stay and she has learned the boundaries of the front yard and will push that to if she gets 1/2 a chance.  I have to say Bethany that we just adore her and can not imagine not having her. 


Hope all is well with you and your family and thank you again for blessing us with Kloe!!




PS--Here is a more recent photo of Kloe, the Black is fading to Blue/Gray.



Here is a reference letter a BoloNoodle customer of ours sent to her friend:

Dear Keri,

Please forward info below to Maria A., Kristin & Barry and share the info with your friends.  Bethany, the breeder of our Bolognese Poodle "BoloNoodle" inMissouri, is a mother of 9 adopted children.  I have been extremely happy with her personal touch, professionalism and service.  She has a 60 acre farm with many different animals so the pups I purchased are extremely socialized, sleep through vacuum noise, have no fear of my 55 lb. schnauzer, my 70 lb. labradoodle and 5 very loud and "loving" children ages 3-13 yrs.

I bought 3 BoloNoodles.  The 2 in the pictures (below) are ours, "Genevive" & "Madeline" and the 3rd one will fly in tomorrow to be donated as a live auction item this Friday for a charity event fund raiser.**  According to my vet, Dr. Clark, the 2 pups have such a great mellow disposition and the fact that they are part poodle, makes them healthier as whatever defects may exist in a particular breed, for some reason, does not come through the hybrid. 
Bethany is the original and as far as we know the only "BoloNoodle"  hybrid breeder in the U.S., registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and their kennel is AKC approved.


In the pictures the pups are anywhere from 9-11 weeks old.  They are hypo-allergenic, non-shedding, and do not have a "doggy" odor since they do not have an undercoat.  They are also great with children and other animals, very observant and intelligent.  I personally wash them in my sink with baby shampoo once a week to keep their coat clean & fluffy (I am a clean freak, yet they are still alive).  They are very good watch dogs, not "yappy" in any way which is extremely surprising for small dogs.

The Bolognese is also very rare in the United States.  Bolognese (6-12 lbs) have been around since the 12th century and were given to royalty and nobility.  They are the serious, even tempered and quiet cousins of a Bichon Frise (the Bolognese can talk/listen to politics).  The BoloNoodle will grow between 6-15 lbs. depending
on parents.  The price is also unbeatable at $xxx a pup,
plus $250 for shipping.  Thank goodness they cannot be found in pet stores yet where they would cost 3-4 times more and may be defective. 
Bethany just informed me that a BoloNoodle litter was just born and will be ready to come home for the holidays (they don't last long, so if interested, she takes deposits.  She also has other breeds ie: Bolognese, Toy Poodle.  Her website is or contact Bethany at  

Thank you,

Dr. George and Angelique Gellert

PS--I think the Miller's charge too little for the very rare hybrid "Bolonoodle" and recommended that they increase the price, if not now, then maybe when the economy is better especially since they are basically the only one in the market who is a reputable cross breeder of the Bolo-Noodle.  The Bolognese would really sell just because of their rarity not to mention all their wonderful personal traits.

[** Note from Jarbeth's Kennel--We have had a couple of animal activists crawl down our throats for "donating" a puppy for this auction.  For the record,
there are dog auctions (as well as horse, cattle, goat, and small animal auctions) being held somewhere around the nation nearly every day.  These auctions are not inhumane, they offer a legal way for an animal to be transferred from one owner to another.  Also for the record, this puppy was not donated to a "dog" auction.  This puppy was purchased by our customer who then in turn donated it for a black tie Christian school fund raiser and it sold well.  The funds raised for this event were used for teacher enrichment/education, scholarships for families who may be in financial need especially with the current economy, and school equipment ie: computer, science needs that would not be possible without the additional funds as hospitals and private schools really depend on additional funds raised or donated.  And, best of all, the puppy went to a loving home.  If you are an animal activist, please do not burden us with the "facts" as you see them, as you have absolutely no knowledge of the events.

Here are the facts regarding this particular puppy straight from the donor:  "Her owners take her every where they go including the school their two children attend.  The owners are a lovely couple from Scottsdale who certainly could purchase their pups from anywhere but specifically wanted to do so from a charity auction.  The mom is a stay at home mom and spends so much time with the pup not only at home but in public and in her children's schools.  That pup sees her two sisters who I have and all three are growing up beautifully 'together'.  I just saw the pup yesterday and she was driving away in a brand new Mercedes Benz with her very proud mom."  End quote.

Does this sound inhumane?  For those uneducated about animal activists and their activity, please click on the "What is a Puppy Mill" link on the front page and read the next to last paragraph, or click here

We recently received an update from this couple...


Lacey is doing great.  She was born 09/18/2013


I don't know where to start when describing her personality; she's maybe too intelligent for her own good some times and certainly keeps us on our toes. She learned her commands with ease and while indoor potty training (we use a small grass tray as we don't have our own yard) she was a little slow as a pup, but she grew into it and still knows to go outside when visiting other people.  She took to walking on the leash like a pro and LOVES her daily walk.  She misbehaves some times but knows when she is in trouble and takes herself off to the naughty corner when told.


The only thing we weren't successful with was crate training.  In the end we bought a baby gate and sectioned off a larger area by a window like an open top run.  She had to stay there while we were out and she did so much better.  These days she's only in a crate to travel and there's no anxiety.


Health has been great aside from a little itchy skin.  She currently weights just over 9lbs.  She still eats Royal Cannin but for a treat she likes greenies, carrots or blueberries.





Mostly though Lacey is my very best friend.  She should have been named Shadow because she is by my side for everything.  Her favorite thing lately has been to watch me getting ready for work.  She sits by the shower on the mat or peaks around the curtain to inspect.   Two weeks ago she even jumped right in the shower to her shock when she got all wet!  Once I'm out she insists on being sat up on the vanity table so she can see in the mirror, be involved and occasionally steal my makeup brushes.  She also likes to imitate my yoga which I wish one day to be fast enough to capture on video because it's so funny!  My husband thinks I indulge her too much, and I maybe do but she makes me so happy.


Lacey is very social.  A trip to the dog park on a sunny day is just about the best thing ever in her eyes.  You tell her we're going and she's already at the door complaining you're taking too long.  She doesn't discriminate once there, dogs and owners alike all get an enthusiastic hello then she's off to run.


At home she still loves her toys, particularly a silly stuffed dog I got her for Easter last year.  She has on occasion sat this stuffed dog next to her at her spot by the window where she loves to watch the street so he can see outside too.


She loves children, although we don't have them ourselves right now, I wanted to make sure she knew the right behavior.  We taught her "gentle" as a command when she had to play softly.  She once let a little boy toddler we meet at the park walk her around on the leash and they both had fun exploring together.  My friend has a 6 month old boy and Lacey's very interested in all things about him.  She watches him play and gently licks his arm (or sniffs his diapers) so I know she'll be just fine when we have our own.



Hopefully you can tell how much she is part of our family, it was truly meant to be for us.  I attached some new photos. 


Thank you again.



TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Vickey C.  [ ]


Hi Bethany


The new website is WONDERFUL and we have sent it to two of our friends who LOVE Brandy, our puppy.  We looked at the site for hours, remembering the joy we felt when Brandy arrived in a crate in Green Bay, WI and how both of us felt like expectant parents, pacing the floor of the airport till he arrived.  It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT and I remember writing you saying we wouldn't give him back even for a million dollars.


Brandy is the sweetest, most loving, adorable puppy.  We want a second one but our condo assoc. rules say "one dog" only.  Sam says we're moving so we can get a second one!!!!!


The pictures on your website are really a strong selling point when you talk about socialization.  I liked that you did discuss that the puppies coat changes color as they age.  We didn't know that before we bought Brandy.  His markings on his face were black and dark brown and that's why we selected him.   We were saddened when he turned 97% white with a very few light tan spots but love is love and we can't image life without him.  Regardless, I think it is important to inform people what will happen.  


And thanks for including a picture of Sam and myself holding Brandy, minutes after he arrived.  (Photo on What is a BoloNoodle page)


Vicky C.

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel

FROM: Alicia and Steve U.  [ ]


Hi Bethany,

We are so pleased with Zipper, he will try anything, goes everywhere with us.  He loves the car, the motor home, golf cart and especially people, other dogs and even our 16 year old cat.  


Thanks again!

Alicia and Steve

One can only assume that Zipper and Snoopy took dance classes from the same teacher, either that or the unbridled joy of being a dog is a universal mystery...
Lisi's puppy, Rondo