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Toy Poodle

TO: Jarbeth's Kennel
FROM: Sandra G.  [ sg1search@aol.com ] 




I want to thank you Bethany,Troy and family again!  We have 3 of the greatest toy poodles that anyone could ever imagine!  We get compliments all the time!  Our first toy poodle we got from you, Riley,  is 8 years old now.  Our 2nd toy poodle is Lola she is 2 and a half years old and our 3rd toy poodle is Cayden he is now 2 years old. 



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My husband is a two hundred and thirty pound body builder, and as a kid had always had big dogs.  When we got Riley he fell in love and said we have to get another toy poodle, but only from Bethany.  So we got Lola.  Later I saw Cayden on your web site and I fell in love and I had to have him, he is the icing on the cake he is awesome as are Riley and Lola.


They came to us not afraid of anything.  They are also the most lovable dogs and the smartest.  Trained right away as little pups.  They are like little people.  I know they understand what we are talking about.  People think we took them to classes which we did not.  I think this is because of the love and care they received before we even got them.  Also, you clearly know how to breed for quality. 


Our son is now 14 years old.  I never worried even when he was only 6 years old about any nipping with any of our dogs.  There is not a mean bone in their bodies.  They just want to kiss and cuddle with us, even with strangers they want to be noticed and to lick them!  They all sleep in the bed with us.  They only weigh between 4 and 6 pounds. 



I met a woman in PetCo and like everyone else, she loved our dogs.  I told her how great you guys are and sent her to your website and she bought our yougest dog's brother!  


We love them so much and they all get along great!  They are a big part of our family, (well they are family!)  We wouldn't trade them for anything! 


They are amazing, and are such a pleasure I can't say enough great things about them and how much we love them!!!  I am as hooked on toy poodles as I am getting them from you Bethany!!!  Thank you for being such a friend for these 8 years. 


I can't tell you enough how much I recommend the Millers!!!  If anyone wants to speak to me, just email me. 




Note:  Sandra has become one of our best customers, but not only because she bought 3 puppies.  Sandra has called so many times over the years that she and Bethany have become friends.  They even hope to someday vacation in Florida, taking our children to Disney World together.

To: Jarbeth’s Kennel

From: Holly M.  [ holly@menning.com ]


In September, our beloved Sheltie passed on and devastated our dear daughter.  The pain was so much greater than this mom knew.  She knows the truth about Santa, but we were out in December and she begged to go see Santa, asking for one thing "a toy poodle to snuggle with like Mom's little dog".  Santa replied, "I can't deliver puppies, live animals can't ride on the sleigh."  That evening as I was tucking her in, tears came streaming down her face and the words, "Santa was my last hope.  I know the truth, but I was hoping he could do a Christmas miracle mom."

I had been calling all over looking for a small poodle since October, but found nothing.  It was December and I still hadn't found a pup that fit the bill.  I had a friend refer me to Jarbeth’s Kennel, when I called,
Bethany told me she didn't have any poodles available, but asked why I wanted a poodle.  I shared my story.  Bethany agreed only a poodle would do and let me in on a little secret.  She had a little poodle puppy she had been planning to keep.  We made a plan for "Chocolate" to come join our  family on December 23rd.



I am so thankful for Jarbeth's Kennel and Bethany. Only someone who truly cares about people and pets would be so kind. Bethany worked with us, sent pictures, updates and even sent home a care package with Chocolate.

Santa made a special delivery on Christmas Eve--he came suit and all to bring Chocolate home. Chocolate is the absolute sweetest little thing and was very well cared for before we got her.

Thank-you so much for making our Christmas so memorable!

Note: Who knew that OSHA had regulations that prevent Santa from delivering live animals.  Only in America, right?
To: Jarbeth’s Kennel
From: Shalisa A.  [ shalisa_k@msn.com ]


It's Belle!  I just wanted to tell you how much I love my family and like living in Omaha!  I have a great Mommy and Daddy and a big sister!  We play a lot, and I just graduated from Puppy class last week with flying colors!  I have my own bed, lots of toys to play with and love car rides!  Sometimes Mommy takes me along when she picks up my sister Marissa from school or dance.  That is always fun as I get to meet her friends who I really like.  They give me lots of cuddles and hugs!  I especially like tummy rubs!!  My doctor is wonderful and takes excellent care of me!  She even give Mommy advice on things
I like!  I weigh all of 3 1/2 pounds now!  I wanted to share my picture of my first hair cut!  I really liked the man that did it!  He even gave me a bandana!  I'm not sure bows are quite my thing yet! :)

Thank you so much for helping me find my family! We are all having a great time and love each other so much!


Belle A.