The Bolognese will do whatever YOU do.  If you want to sit on your butt and watch TV, that is what your Bolognese will want to do.  If you want to climb Mt. Everest, don't try to leave your Bolognese at home.  Trust me. 
The BoloNoodle seems to have inherited this trait as well. 
We have informed our customers that our dogs will not consider themselves pets, they think they are an equal part of their human family.  As far as the Bolognese/BoloNoodle is concerned, leaving them behind for a family outing is simply not acceptable. 
Here are some examples of events/activities that the Bolognese and BoloNoodles from Jarbeth's Kennel have been a part of, and been perfectly acclimated to...
Maddie went to Europe with her family.  She also likes to ride in their boat.... 
We have also recieved reports that some of our customers have rigged up seats on their bicycles so that their Bolognese or BoloNoodle can ride along.
Buttercup Rose was a very special gift for a very special little girl.  Both like to play dolly.
Django likes to go swimming.  Most of our Bolognese and BoloNoodles do.
Dexter likes to go boating.  Anything to be with his person(s), like riding along in a special seat in the golf cart for an afternoon round...
Bolognese and BoloNoodles like to go on vacation or shopping with their family.
Please take this to heart, if you DON'T take your Bolognese or BoloNoodle with you, they will put you on the worst guilt trip you have ever been on.  Consider this fair warning.  It really is easier just to take them along.
Right now, you may think, but they are JUST a dog, and you are right, they ARE just a dog, but the DOG does not know that.  They are very intelligent and will figure out a way to get what they want, which is to be with you.  Ignorant friends and family members may say that you indulge your Bolognese/BoloNoodle; they may think you pander to your dog or are spoiling your dog, when, in truth, it is just the other way around.  No animal will ever make you feel more special than a Bolognese or BoloNoodle from Jarbeth's Kennel.  Our many references don't lie.
They just want to be with their person.  If you are that person, consider yourself blessed.
Dogs from Jarbeth's Kennel have acclimated to many different circumstances.  They have become companion dogs for the elderly human family members and elderly dogs.  And they have become therapy dogs, going into grade schools, hospitals and retirement home settings.
When we first got them, our Bolognese would follow Bethany around like they were on a string.  Our male would stare at Bethany while she was cooking in the kitchen, studying her.  I've had Bolognese puppies insist on sitting on my lap while I was building our deck.  One customer said her BoloNoodle would watch her take a shower, then insist on joining her ON the vanity while she does her make-up.  This same "Noodle" also does yoga with her person.  Friends, it is not a dog you are adopting into your family.  It is a new family member.  That is the way the Bolognese or BoloNoodle will see it, and you will not be able to persuade them otherwise.
We have received reports back that our dogs have gone to tennis matches, sitting patiently in a chair on the sideline waiting for the game to be over.  Bolognese and BoloNoodles like to fly with their family.  They love to sit quietly while your children read books to them.  They like to go shopping, or just to take the kids to school.  They like to go on fishing trips, boat rides, golf outings, trips to the beach, camping trips, hiking excursions, long walks around the neighborhood, and vacations both here and abroad. 
If your neighborhood is safe for dogs to walk around in or if you live in an apartment building, it won't be long before everyone in the neighborhood or complex knows your Bolognese or BoloNoodle by name, and will want your dog to play with their dog or their children or you may even have a list of people on standby to dog-sit for you on the occassion you have an appointment when you simply cannot take your dog along with you.  And your friends and neighbors will want to know where you got such a wonderful addition to your family and, naturaly, you will tell them.
The puppies from Jarbeth's Kennel will get along with your other dogs, cats, your children or grandchildren, or the neighborhood kids.  They will get along with your crummy boss or your ex-husband or ex-wife with equanimity, but don't take it personally. They will like you best.  Your vet will love them, your groomer (if you go that route) will love them.  They are typically the star of any puppy class they enter, and accept all the acolades with nonchalance.  After all, they are simply doing what they do best--excel. 
Bolognese and BoloNoodles love to go to work with their person.  Dogs from Jarbeth's Kennel have entertained guests and employees at several real estate offices (Sofia is at home in her person's real estate office below), a dentist's office, school business offices, a psychiatrist's office, and other businesses all over the country.
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Jade took Isis, her BoloNoodle, to Europe too...
Maybe Zipper (below) and Dexter can catch up on old times while their people play golf...
It is not uncommon for a Bolognese or BoloNoodle to exceed your expectations even though we will TELL you in advance the thoughtful intelligence of the breed you are considering.